About My Lupus Secret

Two years ago I created a site designed to host anonymous secrets from the diabetes community. The goal was to provide a safe place for people to share what they were feeling and experiencing without fear of stigma, shame, or judgement. But battling stigma and judgement is not unique to the diabetes experience, and that is why my expansion of the My Disease Secret platform brings us here with the beginning of My Lupus Secret.

I recognize that lupus is a big deal. I recognize that there can be struggles to legitimize your pain, your emotions, and the medication it takes to live a “normal” life – for however you define normal. I recognize that the recent revelations about Selena Gomez mean there’s an opportunity for acceptance and advocacy on a greater level while her story remains fresh in the public eye. But beyond that, I recognize that there’s a chance for the lupus community to help dispel some myths and misperceptions about what you all are going through with your words and actions each day. My hope is that this site can help with that effort.

So here is My Lupus Secret. A safe place to share your lupus secrets. No judgement. No shame. No stigma. Merely catharsis through honesty.

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