Mistaken For Strangers

I’m going back to Blacksburg for Episode 122 with my good friend Jadd Adams (who has the best twitter name, Jaddams). I’ve known Jadd for most of my journey at Virginia Tech and it was a blast catching up and talking about why he chose Virginia Tech, what made his fraternity experience positively life-changing, and what made Halo 2 the definitive gaming experience of college for us. We also talk about life after an degree in accounting, new-job-jitters and his side project: Mistaken For Strangers and the incredible success it has had in its infantcy. Enjoy.

Jadd tweets at @Jaddams and contributes regularly to Mistaken For Strangers.

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Daft Punk…Not Daft

I mentioned in my “review” of Tron Legacy that the soundtrack was pretty spectacular. I asked Santa for the soundtrack for Christmas and the jolly man came through. My first thought after uploading the soundtrack to my iPod was that of RIcky Bobby, “I wanna drive fast.” I’m sure most House music can do this to you, and I’m sure part of my desire for high speeds is born from the fact that this is the TRON soundtrack. TRON…Light Cycles…Vroom Vroom.

Side Note: I just started watching Top Gear (the BBC version). Fan-freaking-tastic.

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Me Me Me Me Meme

Snowpocalypse Day 5. I’ve been catching up on Chuck, House, 24, The Office, 30 Rock and Modern Family on Hulu over the past few days. You’d think that with the additional free time I have during these past few days that I would have more stimulating reading material for you on this blog. Unfortunately that is not the case. It’s almost gotten to the point that I miss my job, if only because it would be a change of scenery. Based on the weather reports and the efficiency of the Virginia Department of Transportation, I expect to be back at the Shinra Complex Tuesday (after Presidents Day). So with my lack of creative inspiration, I’ve done the unthinkable – it’s time for a meme.

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The Boss

So I’m not married. And I don’t have any kids. Which means that it is somewhat reasonable to say that last night was one of the greatest experiences in my entire life. Ladies and Gentlemen…The heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-shaking, booty-quaking, Viagra-taking, love-making –Le-gen-dary E – Street – Band! Continue reading


I’m sure you all have go-to songs on your iPod (or whatever music playing device) for various situations. If you need a pick-me-up, some audio therapy, or something to get hyped to while you speed down a highway, there’s a song for every situation. But what about the go-to songs that best describe you? I’ve been thinking about what songs I would use to describe the person I am, or at least the person I think I am. Sometimes specific lyrics will reach out and seize my attention for better (or worse). I’ve found three that will give anyone a quick explanation of the man behind the Oakleys. Continue reading