About My Multiple Sclerosis Secret

Two years ago I created an online space for people to anonymously share their thoughts, fears, and experiences about their life with diabetes. Since then I’ve expanded this idea to other patient communities including mental health, cystic fibrosis, chronic pain, arthritis, and lupus. Today that expansion continues with the debut of My Multiple Sclerosis Secret.

When I look at the conversation around MS online, the majority of tweets, status updates, and gifs revolve around the struggle to validate the experiences of an invisible illness. Because there are not many external manifestations of your disease, a lot of time and energy goes into defending basic truths about your health and wellbeing. My hope is that My Multiple Sclerosis Secret can become a space to help explain the realities of multiple sclerosis. My goal is to build a safe place for sharing within the multiple sclerosis community while simultaneously providing an opportunity for others to learn from people impacted by MS.

My Multiple Sclerosis Secret is safe place to share your multiple sclerosis secrets. No judgement. No shame. No stigma. Merely catharsis through honesty.

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