Other Things Happening in November

November is American Diabetes Month. This means the collective diabetes community (online and offline) will be making a little extra noise to spread awareness about what diabetes is, about what diabetes isn’t, about the differences between the different types, and about why you should care about Diabetes (with a capital ‘D’) regardless of type or affiliation. It’s a big deal. And I’ll do my best to highlight some of the endeavors that catch my eye.

But, there’s plenty of other things happening in November besides the ongoing effort to get my diabetes advocacy on.

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We Roll Deep


I didn’t think it was going to work, but eighteen (18) of us went to see The Amazing Spider-Man (3D IMAX, of course) tonight. This is what Friends For Life is about – great times with great people. We really are something, this family of strangers.

WordPress. Just one more thing Droid Does.

When Imagination Goes Wrong

Most people with diabetes have experienced the range of emotions and responses upon first disclosing their living with this disease. By now the responses are clichéd and expected, but they all happen – to all of us.

“So that means you can’t have sugar?”, “You don’t look diabetic” and so on and so forth. But things get a little more interesting when you start to talk about the specifics of your diabetes management.

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Double Oh Seven

Let this short and sweet post serve as a public service announcement that the latest update of Netflix Instant Watch includes Tomorrow Never Dies (blah), The World is Not Enough (blah) and GoldenEye (Bing!). Depending on who you talk to, there really is no debate as to who the best Bond is. Me? I’m a fan of what Daniel Craig brings to the series. Bond has always been kinda fancy for me in the past and I’m a fan of the brutality. Maybe that’s a sign of something deeper.

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