Behind the Screened Door

Matthew Rorie comes on the podcast this week to talk about life at Virginia Tech during the peak of the Michael Vick era, proper puppy petting techniques, and his various writing jobs over the years. We also discuss the art of writing a video game guide, his work at Obsidian Entertainment, and the experience of building from the ground up. Finally we discuss his role at Giant Bomb, and our expectations for PAX Prime (as this was recorded before we traveled to Seattle). Enjoy.

You can follow Matthew on Twitter at @frailgesture,, and of course

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So we watched the extended edition of ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ last night

Tumblr is great for things like this

I’m not sure if I’ll be composing thoughts on each of the movies, but considering how long each of them are it may be worth it. Anyway, I’m about to do that thing where I say ‘go read this somewhere else because I have too many social media outlets’ – I’m sorry.

I typed up some musings over on Tumblr. It may be worth a read if you’re in to commentary on really, really long movies and names I had to copy directly from Wikipedia for fear of mistyping them. Here’s a snippet:
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