Letting the Dust Settle

By now I’m sick of the Miss Manners conversation. That being said, I felt the need to say something about everything that’s gone down over the past couple of days.

The first post I read on all of this came from Kerri, so here’s a link there if you have no idea what Miss Manners has to do with diabetes, or why so many of us are disappointed with her.

For a comprehensive list of all the commentary about this situation, thank Kim and check out her post.

As you hopefully read, the reaction to Miss Manners’ idea of manners was a bit of a mixed bag. The vitriol wasn’t as bad as anything I’ve seen from the gaming community, but it wasn’t exactly PG at times.

Sara’s post the day after was the first I read of the reaction to the reaction, highlighting the fact that the recently completed Spare a Rose campaign is a stark contrast to the image the diabetes online community has presented with this latest common cause.

Here’s where my two cents come in.

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