I engage in a lot of shenanigans on the Internet. Between this blog, the podcast, the (multiple) Tumblrs, this Pinterest thing, Instagramming, the…well you get the idea – I do a lot on here. I maintain that most of this stuff has made a tremendous impact on my diabetes management. Sharing the ups and downs of this disease with whoever is listening or reading lifts an incredible weight off of my shoulders and makes the impossible a little more manageable.

However, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the veterans – past, present, and future – of our armed services. None of it.

Thank you.

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Operation Supply Drop

I’m not one for copy-paste, but I think I found a worthy candidate today. But first some context.

As you might remember, I used to co-host a video game podcast called Post Game Report, hosted at Talking About Games. I say ‘used to’ because recently stepped down from that podcast. One of the highlights of the show was the community guest we would often feature each week. Sometimes it was a member of the Talking About Games community, other times it was someone representing a community outside of TAG. On Episode 110, our guest was a man who calls himself Shanghai Six from Mr. Six (or Stephen) has a pretty interesting story to tell, if you’re curious about his background, specifically about his time in the military. I, and a gaggle of gamers, was recently contacted by Stephen in an effort to increase awareness for some of his charity efforts aimed at active-duty military. While you don’t necessarily have to play video games to understand some of the bullet points of Stephen’s “missions”, everyone can get behind showing support for the people that defend this country. I’m including his full announcement below, if you’re feeling froggy, check out some of his content and tell everyone I sent you.

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