Making Sense/Cents

The Internet is never shy of opinions. Between people giving them, people ignoring them, people offering them all willy-nilly, and people asking for them, opinions may be the only thing you can rely on when it comes to the Internet. If opinions on the Internet were a currency, well…I’m sure you could finish that one.

There are plenty of moments that I feel like my opinion might improve the discourse or that I may have some salient point to offer to the masses. But, most of the time I feel like I’m either preaching to the choir or will likely get lost in the noise, so I keep quiet. Relatively speaking.

That said, if I feel the need to comment – to offer up my two cents – on a subject I think I’ve found the perfect way to get my point across…

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Me Me Me Me Meme

Snowpocalypse Day 5. I’ve been catching up on Chuck, House, 24, The Office, 30 Rock and Modern Family on Hulu over the past few days. You’d think that with the additional free time I have during these past few days that I would have more stimulating reading material for you on this blog. Unfortunately that is not the case. It’s almost gotten to the point that I miss my job, if only because it would be a change of scenery. Based on the weather reports and the efficiency of the Virginia Department of Transportation, I expect to be back at the Shinra Complex Tuesday (after Presidents Day). So with my lack of creative inspiration, I’ve done the unthinkable – it’s time for a meme.

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Feeling Unoriginal (40 Odd Things)

Considering the doom and gloom of my opening posts this week, I didn’t feel like going to the well one more time. For what it’s worth, I just started a new Lantus pen last night, so I’m going to see what a lighter dosage does for the next 2 weeks before I call Not House. If I think our talk will go better if I have some significant data to present on my side. So, in lieu of another my management methods suck post, I’m stealing from Hannah. If you’re not following her on twitter (@dorkabetic) shame on you, and if you aren’t checking out her blog, ( double shame on you. I must say, the header for her blog is about 15 kinds of awesome. So thanks Hannah (and Lee Ann too).

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The Best Policy

I was recently tagged as a recipient of the Honest Scrap award by Allison at Lemonade Life. First I’d like to thank the academy, my agent, the rest of the cast and crew, the writers…..kidding. In an attempt to not be a buzz kill, I have accepted this honor and the conditions with which it is accompanied: First, you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly you have to tag 10 people with the award. Ok, simple enough. Let’s do this. Continue reading