Patient Advisory Committee

A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone at Medivo offering me a spot on their Patient Advisory Committee as they jump into the diabetes app landscape. I initially ignored the email until I received a follow-up a few days later offering some additional information about what they were hoping to accomplish and what my role would be. Before I go on, I should provide a little context about my mindset with all this stuff.

I don’t have a need for diabetes apps. I understand their value and recognize their potential, but they just aren’t for me. I credit this largely to my comfort with my diabetes management. My A1c reports over the past year or so have shown consistent improvement. My diet (while still not perfect) continues to include a healthy portion of vegetables and fewer cheat days. And I’m slowly finding a workout routine that’ll bring balance to all of the blood glucose obsessing that I do day in and day out. Like I said, these apps aren’t for me.

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