Marveling at Marvel

This has nothing to do with diabetes. It has everything to do with how well Marvel has executed their digital strategy over the past week, even with unexpected hazards along the way.

(which was debuted early because a low-res version leaked a week ahead of schedule.)

And then today…

9 new movies announced.

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Marvel: Studios

The final piece of the team has arrived on Episode 120 in the form of its Assistant Editor Marc Strom. Marc lives on the west coast which means his job primarily revolves around the latest from Marvel’s toys, video games, television and film developments. With the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s The Avengers this summer, Marc is a very busy man. We also talk about traffic conditions in Los Angeles and Marc details how he almost ran into Samuel L. Jackson with a foam rock. Enjoy.

You can find the latest Marvel happenings, including the ‘This Week in Marvel’ Podcast at and be sure to follow Marc on Twitter @Strommy.

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Marvel: Ultimate

Continuing the conversation with Marvel Comics, this week I’m joined by’s Social Media Coordinator, Janna O’Shea. Naturally our conversation is social media heavy, covering Janna’s and Marvel’s approach to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and more. We also discuss why Frank Castle is the man, why beards demand respect and why movie trailers are a disservice to the movie they are supposed to promote. Enjoy.

Follow Janna on Twitter @dreamyeyed and of course, @Marvel for the latest from the house that Stan built.

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Marvel: Spectacular

The Marvel talk continues on Episode 113 with Associate Editor Ben Morse. We chart Ben’s journey to Stan Lee’s Empire, the work he does at Marvel, the wealth of content available and why now is as good of a time as any to start reading comics. There’s also a philosophical question posed somewhere in the middle of this episode: Who would win in a fight – Wolverine or Batman? There is plenty of content to get to in this one. Enjoy.

As always, is your primary destination for all things Marvel, including the This Week in Marvel podcast. Be sure to follow Ben on Twitter at @BenJMorse.

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Marvel: Amazing

It seems like everywhere you look you can find a comic book character in one form or another. Be it movies, action figures or actual comics, characters like Spider-Man and the X-Men are everywhere. It’s with that acknowledgement of Marvel’s omnipresence that I welcome’s Editorial Director, Ryan Penagos for Episode 112. Also known as Agent M, we talk about his journey to Marvel, his contributions to some of the most famous comic book characters and the evolution and impact of social media on his work. This being a podcast, it’s only appropriate that we also get into the new Marvel podcast. Enjoy.

Naturally, is your primary destination for all things Marvel, including the This Week in Marvel podcast. Be sure to follow Ryan on Twitter at @Agent_M.

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