Did You Check The Bag?

This weekend featured an extensive to-do list that include a walkabout through the local mall. As we walked into Macy’s to begin our adventure I gave Dayle my Moleskin case to place in her purse. I knew I wouldn’t need it until we stopped for a snack or lunch, and she was already carrying her purse so it wouldn’t be any additional burden or anything like that.

After a number of stops including a successful bout at the Gap, we braved the food court for lunch. I placed my meter case on my tray after testing and we enjoyed a lesirely lunch break while discussing the remaining items on our checklist. Lunch ended and we proceeded to hit up Old Navy, Nordstrom, Mrs. Fields (because I can’t resist their M&M cookies), and Macy’s on our way out.

Somewhere between cookies and the first rack of dresses that Dayle wanted to look at I had a moment of panic, “Did I give you my meter to put back in your purse?”

…uh oh…

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