February Presents: Best ‘Betes Blogs

I had this grand idea of doing a pseudo HTML/XML formatted post for this month’s Best ‘Betes Blogs list. Then I tried pasting my final text from notepad into this WYSIWYG editor. Big mistake. After some careful editing, I’m finally ready to present February’s Best. Nominated by you, the people. Selected by me, the procrastinator.

If you click just one of these links, I recommend the <Vlog> Winner, but each one of these posts is truly worth your time.

<HumorRolling in the D – Strip Tease (SFW) </Humor>
<VlogDiabetic Danica – A Diabetic Love Poem (She’s on Twitter @DeeMarieIsMe) </Vlog>
<RecipeRaising Colorado – Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie Bars </Recipe>
<Recipe Honorable MentionA Girl’s Reflections – Blueberry Cornbread (for the Nutrition Facts)</Recipe Honorable Mention>
<PhotographyMe. Trust, I’m just as surprised as you. </Photography>
<AdvocacyBitter-Sweet Diabetes – Spare a Rose
Editors note: Shoutout to everyone who mentioned this throughout the month. On behalf of the International Diabetes Federation, the $2,500+ you all raised, and the children who will benefit from your generosity – THANK YOU! </Advocacy>
<Meet-up >No More Shots For Shannon – No Age Limit </Meet-up>
<Not DiabetesOur Diabetic Life – This One’s Important </Not Diabetes>
<Type 1Paws. Love. Diabetes. – Diabetes Has a Far Reach </Type 1>
<Type 2T Minus Two – Silver Glitter </Type 2>
<Type AwesomeCandy Hearts – She Tried </Type Awesome>
<MistakeBigfoot Child Have Diabetes – Humuliation </Mistake>
<MotivationinDpendence – Logging </Motivation>
<ArtDiabetes Art Day – 2013 Gallery
Editors note: This was an audible since it felt wrong to not highlight Diabetes Art Day in the Art category. I’m told I’m allowed to do this once but since there were nominations that included Diabetes Art Dat content, I think we’ll be okay. </Art>

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Dear [Insert Failed PR Pitch Here]

I suppose you aren’t “big time” until you start getting pitches from people that don’t fully understand the subject matter or who they are talking to. The latest attempt at wooing came from Diabetes Herald. According to the Twitters, plenty of members of the Diabetes Online Community received an email from “DH” last night. I took the liberty of exploring his site before sending my response. I tried to be as civil as possible.
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What Google is Reading

Admittedly, this is a filler post. Blame Halo: Reach. Blame my shiny new iPod Touch. Blame Canada. Sorry, it happens. I understand if you close your browser tab, or window or whatever and carry on with the rest of your day. For those of you willing to keep reading and scrolling, I had a grand idea for a post: What I’m Reading. But that title would be misleading since Google is doing most of the reading and I am choosing which blog posts or news articles I want to read based on my ability to skim through hundreds of unread posts. So I went back through the archives of posts that I’ve ‘starred’ and would like to share a few of them with you.

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