Hi, I’m Here to Interview Diabetes Advocate Kerri Sparling and Dr. Korey Hood?

A couple of weeks ago I received a diabetes-related pitch in my inbox. Ordinarily I would flip a coin to see if it was worth reading, but the subject line in this one was particularly noteworthy:

Interview: Diabetes Advocate Kerri Sparling and Dr. Korey Hood

Of course, considering how long I’ve known Kerri and the fact that Dr. Hood was a recent guest on my podcast, I had to laugh. But then I decided to accept the offer to interview said diabetes advocates, if anything, to give them a break from some of the suggested questions that were included in the pitch. Such winners include:

  • What are some of the challenges of living with type 1 diabetes that most people are unaware of?
  • What does this technology [in this case, the Animas Vibe] mean for those living with insulin dependent diabetes?
  • How does this latest pump technology help with overall diabetes management?
  • How has Continuous Glucose Monitoring been shown to improve blood glucose control?

There’s nothing specifically wrong with these questions. Depending on the outlet, covering these basics is essential. I decided to conduct a slightly more casual interview with the ten minutes I had.

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Just Talking About Balancing Diabetes

This week we’re talking about Kerri Sparling’s book, “Balancing Diabetes”. First I talk to Kerri about the writing process, developing a cohesive voice with the many contributors who helped make each chapter complete, and the awkwardness of self-promotion. Fitting with the nature of the book, I’m also joined by George Simmons, Sean Oser, Harry Thompson, Briley Boisvert, and Christel Marchand Aprigliano to discuss the chapters they contributed to, and why this book is awesome. Enjoy!

“Balancing Diabetes: Conversations about finding happiness and living well” is available now. You can pick it up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and learn more about the book, and Kerri at http://sixuntilme.com/book.

Special thanks to the other guests who appeared on this week’s podcast:

  • George Simmons – ninjabetic.com – @ninjabetic
  • Sean Oser – t1works.blogspot.com – @seanoser
  • Harry Thompson – @harrythompson
  • Briley Boivert – independence.com – @4thandlife
  • Christel Marchand Aprigliano – theperfectd.com – @theperfectd

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I Finished Reading Kerri’s Book

Last week I finally finished reading Kerri Sparling’s Balancing Diabetes: Conversations About Finding Happiness and Living Well. I was given an advanced copy of the book around Christmas time. While a formal review was not required, this thing is too good to not share some thoughts with the rest of you. I also contributed to one of the chapters, but we’ll get to that.

Here’s the short version: If you know Kerri, if you like her style (at sixuntilme.com), if you are someone living with diabetes – recently diagnosed or a proud recipient of a 25 year Joslin medal, or if you are caring for someone with diabetes…this book is required reading. It’s fantastic.

(Image links to Amazon.com)

Before we get going, I want you to know that I plan on featuring Kerri and some of the other contributors in an upcoming episode of my podcast, so this won’t be the last you hear about this book from me.

First, some context for my comments. Kerri was the first person I found in the diabetes online community. She was the third person I followed on Twitter. This blog exists because of Kerri – she’s the reason I started blogging. In a weird way, I can give her the assist onn most of the great that has happened to me in the past 4+ years. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have my podcast, I wouldn’t have my diabetes under control, and most importantly, I wouldn’t have Dayle. Kerri has always been a good friend and a great role model for the diabetes online community.

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Kerri was Interviewed on TuDiabetes

[Update 072913: Looks like the video I embeded was a private stream, not the permanent home of the video. Once the archive is posted I’ll update the post. Carry on.]

[Update 073113: The Diabetes Hands Foundation has uploaded a proper version of the interview. I think the timestamp works too. The video quality isn’t the best, but you can hear what Kerri has to say just fine. Give it a go.]

The part around minute 45 is really good. You should watch the whole thing, but I’ve skipped ahead for you if you only have a few minutes.

When I talk about the power of the diabetes community, this is what I’m talking about.

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Just Talking About Scientific Sessions 2013

Prior to the beginning of the American Diabetes Association’s 73rd Scientific Sessions hosted in Chicago, Illinois, I spoke with a few members of the diabetes community who would be walking the convention center floor and experiencing the madness for themselves. Scott Johnson was attending his first Scientific Sessions and we spoke about his expectations as a newcomer. Bennet Dunlap spoke about his most anticipated presentations and what he hopes to learn from his week in the Windy City. And Kerri Sparling and I briefly chat about her schedule in Chicago but quickly tangent off into a range of topics too long for this summary. Enjoy.

Follow Scott Johnson on Twitter at @scottkjohnson.

Follow Bennet Dunlap on Twitter at @badshoe.

Follow Kerri Sparling on Twitter at @sixuntilme.

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SUMthing Like Voltron

I might have mentioned it once or twice within the space of this blog, but Kerri is the reason I started my blog. Ok, maybe not reason, but one of the primary driving forces behind actually putting my thoughts down on keyboard. I’m sure many bloggers can be connected to Kerri though a six degrees of separation kind of thing. Yes, I know..another 6 reference. That’s her fault. My point is that I wouldn’t be here had I not found her blog. As a result, everything that has happened since I started my blog: writing for TAG, co-host of Post Game Report, starting my own podcast can be tied back to her. It’s not nearly as dramatic as it sounds, but speaking in hyperbole works for the prospect of this opening.

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