Just Talking with Mike Hoskins

Mike Hoskins joins me this week to talk about the state of journalism as it relates to Diabetes Mine, the state of journalism as it relates to the rest of the Internet, the Diabetes Mine Patient Voices Contest, and summer blockbuster movies. Enjoy.

Follow Mike on Twitter @MHoskins2179 and diabetesmine.com.

For more information about the Diabetes Mine Patient Voices Contest, visit diabetesmine.com.

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Just Talking With Harrison Milfeld

Harrison Milfeld returns to the podcast this week to talk about the upcoming NHL season, our mutual admiration for Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series, and the culture of journalism – particularly with respect to the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Enjoy.

Follow Harrison on Twitter at @hmilfeld.

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Just Talking with Stacey Simms

This week Stacey Simms joins me to discuss her career in broadcast journalism – from Middle School, to radio, and to television. We also cover her new position as a Health Reporter for Time Warner Cable News. And, we discuss her son’s diagnosis with type 1 diabetes and the value she finds through the diabetes community on social media. Enjoy!

You can also follow Stacey on Twitter @staceysimms, and staceysimms.com.

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About Diabetes Forecast

Lindsey Wahowiak, Associate Editor for Diabetes Forecast, is my guest on the podcast this week. We cover Lindsey’s entry into journalism, the growth within the journalism industry, and why (for now) she’s comfortable writing instead of managing people. Lindsey also shares her reasons for writing about more sensitive topics for xojane.com, her work on Diabetes Forecast, and how she managed to get Lil’ Jon to open up during an interview. Yes, I said Lil’ Jon. Enjoy.

You can follow Lindsey on Twitter at @lindseywoho for non-diabetes shenanigans, at @ADAMagLindsey for diabetes related shenanigans, and you can find her work at diabetesforecast.org.

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Beat Writer

From the Talking About Games community and GameShoe.net, Harrison Milfeld joins me as 2010 approaches its final days. We spend the opening of the podcast naturally talking about video games – the good, the bad, and the portable. After the gaming talk, the rest of the conversation revolves around Harrison’s college and career choice. The intricacies of attending one of the most prestigious Journalism schools, overcoming fear and doubt, and the future of the Journalism industry are just a few of the topics discussed. I’ve been looking forward to having Harrison on my podcast for a while now, hopefully you’ll see why. Enjoy.

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