Double Oh Seven

Let this short and sweet post serve as a public service announcement that the latest update of Netflix Instant Watch includes Tomorrow Never Dies (blah), The World is Not Enough (blah) and GoldenEye (Bing!). Depending on who you talk to, there really is no debate as to who the best Bond is. Me? I’m a fan of what Daniel Craig brings to the series. Bond has always been kinda fancy for me in the past and I’m a fan of the brutality. Maybe that’s a sign of something deeper.

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20170 > 90210

Helllllooooo. It’s been a while. Did you miss me?

For those of you keeping score at home, I was away from my computer from Saturday to Saturday enjoying sun, sand, and some terrible food (Diabetically speaking). I know you are likely going to call BS on me since my BlackBerry was still with me, but check twitter if you doubt that I was off the grid. I was a ghost. But, I’m back. I know you’re excited to hear all about my exhausting days of sleeping on the beach for hours on end only to wake up and eat some pizza. Unfortunately that recap is still in the crock pot so you’ll have to settle for a quick tangent for the day. Continue reading