Area Five

Episode 79 has arrived and with it, a fantastic conversation with Area 5 co-founder Jay Frechette. Jay has had quite the journey through the video game industry. We talk about his start at Electronic Gaming Monthly, his transition to the 1up Show, life as a community manager for Dead Space 2 and a variety of talking points about Area 5 including how the company was formed and the creative process behind what Area 5 does. We finish Episode 79 highlighting Atomix Magazine, the first Video Game Magazine designed exclusively for the iPad.

If you’d like to keep up with Jay, Area 5 or Atomix Magazine I’ve got some links for you:

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Sodapop Journal

It turns out that I have a lot in common with my guest on Episode 71, Robert Cortez. We are both big fans of Halo, his involvement with Podtacular can testify to that. We are both big fans of podcasts, especially since we each have our own to manage. And we consume a high volume of entertainment news. Robert, however, also produces entertainment news with his group of friends at Sodapop Journal. Along with podcasting, and his website, we spend a good portion of this episode talking about the troubles print media is facing with the digital age. You’re in for a fantastic conversation. Enjoy.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @robertcortez.

Be sure to check out Sodapop Journal and follow their twitter account at @SodapopJournal.

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I Love My iPad


I Love My iPad -my mom…all the time

In a way, I’m surprised that she is so fond of this device. My mom doesn’t shy away from technology, but her technical knowledge is typically on a need-to-know basis. But the ESPN app on her iPad has become her new best friend and she has customized its performance in ways I didn’t know possible. I suppose this is a testament to Apple’s ability to design and build their products. The fact that someone like me and someone like my mom could find mutually exclusive benefits from the exact same product means that Uncle Steve knew exactly what he was doing.

WordPress…just one more thing Droid Does.

On Eyes and Pads

It’s been another one of those weeks. Everyone on my Xbox Friends List is playing Mass Effect 2 and everyone else is talking about Steve Jobs. These are the weeks that are particularly trying on my ability to select a topic interesting enough for both you and me. I have no right discussing a sequel to a game I have installed on my Xbox’s hard drive but have yet to play. One day that game will be a mark of pride instead of a badge of shame, but that day is not today. So let’s talk about Apple. If you missed the news — and I know you didn’t — Steve Jobs unveiled his latest masterpiece to the public on Wednesday: the iPad. As expected, everyone has an opinion on the viability and prospects of this device. Is it worth the money? Will it cure Juvenile Diabetes? Who was responsible for naming this thing? Given the circumstances, I could not resist the opportunity to gather my thoughts for you to consider and most likely dispute. But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet.

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