Health and Internet

I feel like my voice in the larger “Health 2.0” conversation is slowly, but surely, taking shape. Conversations that I avoided or ignored are garnering more attention today than they did a year ago. Granted, the quanitifiable amount of attention still isn’t anything to write home about (although it’s apparently enough to write on this blog) but I’m going to take this as a good thing.

For all the complaining that I may do, if I’m not trying to be part of the solution or at least trying to learn more about the problems that I see, then I’m not doing anyone any good. At all.

I’m not sure where these new interests will lead me, but I’m going to do my best to embrace whatever paths I find myself wandering as a result of my curiosities.

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Making Sense/Cents

The Internet is never shy of opinions. Between people giving them, people ignoring them, people offering them all willy-nilly, and people asking for them, opinions may be the only thing you can rely on when it comes to the Internet. If opinions on the Internet were a currency, well…I’m sure you could finish that one.

There are plenty of moments that I feel like my opinion might improve the discourse or that I may have some salient point to offer to the masses. But, most of the time I feel like I’m either preaching to the choir or will likely get lost in the noise, so I keep quiet. Relatively speaking.

That said, if I feel the need to comment – to offer up my two cents – on a subject I think I’ve found the perfect way to get my point across…

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Wheaton’s Law

You know, I love social media. Instant conversations with friends and total strangers from super-high tech devices the size of my hand. I’ve had conversations with all types of people, with Klout scores ranging from 5 to infinity (if Klout is something you value). This blog has done tremendous things for me personally and professionally – the Internet is truly an amazing place.


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Public Record

I recently received an offer for an advertisement on my blog. This isn’t entirely extraordinary, I’ve received a few here and there since I started blogging. I suppose it’s a minor validation if someone wants to pay me to be seen. If I’ve garnered that kind of attention from readers and people that care about those kinds of numbers then I can at least grant them an audience, right? Of course, those past offers came to my inbox – you know that little envelope icon? It links to my email address set up for this blog. In case you feel compelled to send me something, there you go – But what happens when this cold call isn’t in the form of an email, but an actual phone call?

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