Recognizing the Reality of the Situation

I started using an iBGStar this weekend. I figure I have about 22 more test strips before I’m half way through the included 50 and I have to decide if I want to go all-out with this meter and get a 90-day supply of all new test strips. After a handful of blood glucose tests I can confirm that this device is on some next-level stuff. I’m not sure if managing your diabetes will ever be considered ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ (assuming people ever use the adjective form of ‘hip’ without irony), but this thing is slick. More detailed impressions will surely follow, but with this new device in my possession and the anticipation of Dexcom’s G4, I need to get something off my chest.

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I’m thankful to have insurance. It’s a comfort that I often take for granted.

Most of the time insurance is just a card in my wallet.

Most of the time insurance is just a recurring payment.

Most of the time insurance is something I don’t appreciate until it’s absolutely necessary.

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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Sharps Container

I had to reload on all of my prescriptions when I started my new job. Of course, I did a last second refill of everything eligible before I left my former job. One of the joys of an FSA account is that the money is there from the beginning, and even if you leave your job, the company still has to honor that money. (Thanks for the tip Dad). My next endocrinologist appointment occured with plenty of time to reload on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

After a little paperwork and a lot of patience, I celebrated Christmas in August. 900 test strips and 600 insulin pen needles later, it’s clear I’m going to need a bigger sharps container.

And this is a "3 month supply"???

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Joining the Revolution

Among the many highlights of March was my decision to try to join the Dexcom Revolution. Having read plenty of blog posts and tweets about the power of the CGM. I’ve seen it do its thing live. For the people who don’t feel lows coming, clearly it is invaluable. For the people looking for even tighter control, it is essential. For the people looking for some information, it can be the gateway to a wealth of knowledge. I know I’m romanticizing this thing a bit, but I’m hopeful that a CGM will help me figure out what the hell is going on with my Lantus. Sure, I have an idea, but seeing a dotted line validating the lack of 24-hour coverage of Lantus will speak volumes. But none of this hype is any good without my own CGM.

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Last week I received a sweet email from HR. Something about “open enrollment.” Honestly I only skim through work emails on my Blackberry since most of the work related emails I get are random “the phones are down” or “the phones are back up” administrative nonsense. I put up with it since I get $25/month for registering my phone with the corporate exchange server and it enables me to get a discounted data plan through Verizon. Don’t ask me how, I just took it and ran. But back to the point: Open Enrollment. Exciting times for the Human Resourcefully inclined. And what has two thumbs and is equally excited for the open enrollment period at work? (points to self, conveniently with thumbs) This Guy. Continue reading