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Today is my final “you just started wearing an insulin pump for the first time” class/appointment/whatever. Based on past experiences, taking anything the CDE at this education center has to say to heart will not be sufficient for my diabetes management needs. This person, while objectively qualified, has not instilled any confidence in their ability to assess my data, or make recommendations on improving my insulin pump settings. I’ve learned that hearing the phrase “maybe we’ll try this” one-two many times can have that effect on me. Am I being unreasonable? Between the two face-to-face appointments and the daily follow up calls after I started pumping insulin, I feel like I’ve given them enough of an opportunity to prove themselves.

After today, the plan of action is to monitor my data on my own, consult supplementary literature, and make incremental adjustments over the next weeks and months until my scheduled appointment with my proper-CDE. I know fine tuning the settings on my pump will take time, lucky for all of us, I’ve got plenty of that to give.

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Intentional Avoidance

I still feel the residual effects of those recurring overnight lows as a result of taking too much Lantus before going to bed. The unwanted repetition eventually reached a tipping point and I started splitting my dose. With a newly established balance between morning and overnight, Lantus was no longer something worth writing home about. Or, I guess, blogging about. But I’ve noticed something over the past few weeks that’s worth noting. Granted, it’s a brief note, but let’s not argue over semantics.

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Quick Thought for the Weekend

For the three day weekend.*

I’ve noticed my insulin has been acting a bit more aggressively, or perhaps like insulin normally does, since I’ve started injecting into my legs more often. It’s almost like my legs have an entirely different insulin/carb ratio.

This probably isn’t news for my eager-readers on an insulin pump, so I ask you all: which sites have the best insulin absorption? Is it just a matter of the properly rotating sites to keep things relatively uniform and consistent?

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