Subtle Changes

Let’s hope I threw away the right pen after these pictures were taken…

I broke out a new Lantus pen last night and immediately noticed the modified presentation. It’s amazing how something as simple and subtle as adding a black outline makes things look cartoony. Not that an insulin pen would even be mistaken for a toy, but still, it looks…off.

Dayle pointed out the updated Sanofi/Sanofi Aventis bit, too. So there’s that.

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In Search of Insulin Pen Pocket Protectors

While my insulin therapy isn’t anything monumental or ground-breaking, it feels relatively unique within my circle of diabetes co-conspirators. Nearly everyone I’ve met that is part of the Wilford Brimley Fan Club uses an insulin pump. For the record, Ginger uses syringes, but you get the point. From what I’ve seen, insulin pens are the back-up, not the go-to. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just an observation. One riddled with flaws, but it’s my observation.

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