The Saline Chronicles

A long time ago (in blogging years) I shared some thoughts about rotating insulin injection sites. At the time I never would have predicted I would revisit this post with the perspective of a soon-to-be-insulin pumper. But that was then.

Of course, the fun part about wearing an insulin pump is there’s only one “injection” every three days. Yes, it’s more complicated than that, as there’s much more hardware associated with that single point in time. I suppose less truly is more? But with each site change comes a new opportunity to attach this insulin pump in a manner that will provide a new and foreign experience to my life with diabetes. Based on my limited experience with this thing, trying to figure out the how and where of pump tubing management will be a constant game of cat and mouse. But while I’m still writing the Saline Chronicles – read: pumping saline until my official insulin start date – I’m treating these site changes as genuine moments of experimentation and exploration. This is the time to test out various placements around my body to see what feels comfortable, what is reachable with my own arms, hands, and potentially a mirror for guidance, and what is physically impossible for one person to accomplish.

And as I have a decent number of choices for each new infusion set, experiment I shall.

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