On Tubes and Tallies

I’ve made no attempt to hide my contempt at the circular and superfluous discussion around the monthly NPD reports. I consider them materials used to fuel fanboy flames about apparent superiority of one console over another or one game’s worth compared to the rest of the content available to consumers. It’s a meaningless banter that will never end. While I do take notice of what games are selling well, I don’t wait with bated breath to hear how many copies of Halo 3: ODST sold in a 24 hour period. With all that being said, I am elated to hear that the NPD Group will start to chart digital sales in the coming months. Did I say elated? That isn’t a strong enough word for the purposes of illustrating how awesome this is. How about ecstatic, exuberant, overwhelmed with joy? I might be going overboard with the synonyms, but this is a big deal and we should all celebrate it as such. Continue reading

We Have Nothing To Fear…

This post was an experiment: To see what happens when I dial down the filters and let my mind wander. Depending on how I feel about these types of posts, particularly their benefit to me, I might try it again. As I’ve said, I’m trying to use this blog as a form of therapy. This is one of those necessary steps into being more open with myself and take baby steps to the fabled “better version of me.” It will take time, you have to crawl before you can run right? It would seem that despite jumping around from thought to thought, there’s a hint of consistency with what’s going around in my head. I thought about trying to make some sense out of what I typed, to give it a more formal look with some structure. But I think it is better suited as a ramble. Jumping around from thought to thought is more genuine, so I’ve left the order of the paragraphs as I originally typed them with some grammatical edits so the text is at least readable. Time for a trip down the rabbit-hole, you did take the red pill right? Continue reading