An Optional Statement

It’s no secret around these parts that I’m a Hokie through and through. Somewhere it’s probably documented that I was accepted early in to the College of Engineering, had a bit of a stumble and came out with a degree in Business Information Technology a few years later. What may not be known about the whole Virginia Tech part of my life is the ‘optional statement’ portion of the online admissions application.

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Beach Day 1 – Doppelgangers

Day 1 of posting from the beach, kind of. In actuality, this post was finished 2 weeks ago. But I’ve been obsessing about how I was going to maintain my post count away from all of my eager-readers. The posts this week will likely be dated and ridiculously out of context. Considering how far ahead these things have been written, out of context will have to suffice. So, as I feel the sand between my toes, I present to you my doppelgangers. Continue reading