The Cinnamon

For the record, you can blame Kim for this.

“You know what I would enjoy? A really well done satire site focused solely on diabetes. Like The Onion, except… The Cinnamon? Someone create this, please.”

Naturally, I couldn’t resist – so I checked Tumblr for URL options and ended up with

The idea is simple: find a stereotype, assumption, or nugget of truth and then add a hefty dose of satire with a side of silly.

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I know I’ve been at this whole Diabetes thing a relatively short time compared to a lot of you out there. 6.5 years doesn’t really have the same ring to it as “since I was 5” or something like that. But I’ve been stabbing myself in the stomach, arm, finger long enough to be as comfortable with all that Diabetes management requires of me mentally. Of course that doesn’t mean that mentally I’m always on board with what has to be done, but I’m at least aware of the necessary tasks. Continue reading