On Gaming and Not Gaming

I used to play video games all the time. I was put on academic probation one semester in college because I was too focused on Halo 2, among other games, instead of that whole higher learning part. As the real world slowly took over these past few years, my gaming habits have significantly changed. Depending on your perspective they have changed for the better or the worse but simply put, I’m not the gamer I used to be. Right now free time is a commodity and too often I am finding myself hesitating to sit down and spend that free time with random people online hurling insults or losing myself in an epic single player experience. It’s not that I’m quitting video games or anything, just that my gaming habits are evolving into something different. And yet despite these changes, I don’t think any of the major consoles makers and their respective decision makers are too worried.

So why not spend some free time with me and the rest of this post?

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