Santa Baby

Short post today. I spent most of the night chillin with my parents, wrapping presents, and losing myself in some rather depressing self analysis. The presents part is what you get today. I’ve heard that a picture is worth 1000 words, so here are a few pictures. Maybe you can get to a couple dozen out of these pictures. It’s the holiday season, I’m a bit distracted.

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As you hopefully heard yesterday, Tabatha is almost as excited as I am for my future living arrangements. Whenever I find a place that a. I like and 2. can afford, there might be a new frequent topic to bring up on this blog. Since Diabetes was never the only topic of choice here, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal for my readers. Of course the way things are going, I’ll likely abandon this blog before anything tangible occurs on the homefront. Ok, I’m not quitting this thing any time soon and I never expected finding a place to live to be easy, but each place I look at that is worth any kind of consideration has an offer locked up before I get home to think about it.

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The Commodores

Among my many adventures this past weekend include venturing into the wonderful world of home ownership. It’s a big step, one that is quite terrifying to me at least. Up until this point my big purchases have been Medication that wasn’t covered by insurance, my Sony Bravia, my PS3, and my Car. Of all of those things, the car required the most thought and will have the biggest impact on me as a responsible bill-paying citizen. But owning property is a BFD. Continue reading

Busy, Busy Bee

Last week was a roller coaster for reasons that are not relevant to this blog. Just know that at times it sucked. Thankfully the week ended on a high note. A very high note. Would you like to read about it? Sure you do, that’s why you’re here. But first, in order to tell the complete story you all need a little bit of context. So brace for a trip in the way back machine. Continue reading