There are Upgrades, then there are UPGRADES

I teased this yesterday. Here you go. My dad says he’s willing to comment on the experience, but I have to give him some time to recover. This was a long process.

Of note, the custom cabinet for the TV was non-negotiable, despite the sincerest desires of the build team.

Also, the bobbleheads will have a new home that is still to-be-determined.

Finally, I insisted that the pantry door marking birthdays and heights of me and my sister survive the remodeling. I’m not sure where it will end up, but the trash was not an option in my opinion.

Ready for some pictures?

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A Little Bit More Like Home


My mom and sister got this for me. I’m not a big candle (or tea light) guy but I still think this is very cool. Maybe because it’s a turkey in a home that loves to show off its Hokie Pride. Maybe because I’m already thinking about a little Hokie hat to put on its head or a small ornament inside the “stomach”. (Clearly I am my mother’s son).

Or maybe it’s because little things like this make a generic condo in Sterling a little bit more like home. 🙂

WordPress…just one more thing Droid Does.

Shades of Blue (and Green)

And you thought I forgot about you. Nope, I just had a really busy day and then watched Million Dollar Baby. Seriously, that movie is intense. Well done, but intense. Alas, instead of another paragraph or 2 of rambling, I will leave you with this. With some help (thank you Dayle) I was able to get most of the painting done in the other two bedrooms. I still have to paint the ceilings and a single wall in each room, but that’s the easy part.

Two things. Aside from the paint, these rooms are still empty. I think I know which room will get the bed and which one gets the desk, but that’s still a separate battle I’m not ready to fight yet. Second, the lighting is pretty terrible in these pictures. Sorry.

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