More Home Improvement

This is the face of a guy who installed two new light fixtures and a new mirror in the main bathroom, after paying a guy to put new tile down. There was also a gallon of paint involved in there too.

I still enjoy the fact that the biggest takeaway from my old job is a familiarity and comfort around basic electrical installations. Dimmer switches? Regular light switches? 3-way Switches? Vanity lights? Flush mount ceiling lights? No problem!

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One Sick Puppy

I was sick over the weekend. Quite sick. Thankfully Dayle was willing to put up with my excessive sneezing and nose blowing through most of Saturday and I made a somewhat full recovery by the time I had to go to work in the morning. During my bout with the sniffles I spent most of the time on the couch sleeping, watching Modern Family or watching puppy videos on YouTube. Just as MySpace was designed for 15 year old girls to take pouty, slanted pictures of themselves in mirrors, it is my firm belief that YouTube’s primary objective is the proliferation of puppy videos.

I spent so much time watching clips I came up with my Top 3 Puppy Video categories.

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Just Like New

One of the many unwritten adventures of having your own place is the hands-on-ness of making the place your own. Sure, painting and putting together Ikea furniture is its own ball of fun but there’s a whole other mess I’m referring to. I feel fortunate that I was able to take away a sense of familiarity around the basics of electrical wiring from my previous job. Changing outlets and light switches was a painless endeavor for me. Installing a dimmer switch was an early milestone in my handyman checklist. All of those tasks are relatively small potatoes to what my home, what any home may require down the road. Which brings me to the bathroom.

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The Birds and the Be…Birds


This is the bird feeder Dayle got me for my birthday. This thing is packing six perches and a tray plus a wire/mesh frame for extra bird-ability. What you see is the big sell for this feeder: a divider for the 10 pounds of seed it can hold. Being an analytics amateur, it was clear that an A/B test of different bird seeds needed to happen. Of course we are testing this stuff out as Hurricane Irene works her way up the East Coast – no test is perfect.

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