A Christmas Story

I’ve been holding on to this post for months, and now I can finally tell this story. There’s a bit of backstory required before the punchline – hopefully my lack of genuine writing hasn’t fallen off the cliff too much. Do I have what it takes to tell a compelling story? Doubtful, but you should read the rest of this anyway. (Have I delayed long enough?)

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Santa Claus

I’m still mulling over some year-ending thoughts that might make for a decent blog post. Until I can formalize my thoughts, I’d like to show you what Santa dropped off. While my laptop is still my primary machine and a quality work-horse, sometimes I just want to catch up with the latest on Twitter or quickly go through my RSS feeds. As far as blogging is concerned, I’m trying to become more connected between all of my devices. This means Chrome on the main laptop and the netbook, Chrome-to-phone for my Droid, and Evernote across all my technology to ensure I don’t lose a thought if I quickly capture it.

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Extended Network

The fact that a 3G signal is not a dependable component of our trip to Ohio is Santa’s way of telling me to focus on family while we travel. Of course 7+ hours of Christmas music isn’t exactly helping put me in the holiday spirit. I don’t mean to be a Scrooge about stuff like that, but hearing fifteen different versions of “Silver Bells” doesn’t do anything for me. More power to you if it does.

Anyway, I hope you’re holiday extravaganza went well, is going well, or will go well. And I also hope you aren’t reading this until Monday or so. There are more important things to be concerned with than this blog post.

Fa la la la la…

WordPress…just one more thing Droid Does.

Twelve Days of ‘betes

It’s time to have some fun. I’ve been thinking about the Twelve Days of Christmas and how none of the lyrics make any sense – Lords-a-leaping? – and naturally my mind took a left turn in to Pancreas-non-function-ville to try come up with a remix to the classic song. With some help from Dayle, we came up with an awesome version of the song everyone knows, but no one can fully recite.

You might notice a few of these include a second option. Since the choices were too awesome, I decided to leave all of them here and let the final choice rest in your hands, my eager-readers. Finally, because we had to pull a little linguistic jujitsu on some of these phrases, pronunciation guides are included where necessary.

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