Going Back to Cali

I know people are still wrapping their minds around what happened Boston yesterday. And others are remembering the Maroon and Orange today. I’m going to look beyond the tragedy of late and celebrate a small personal victory.

I was selected to return to this year’s Stanford Medicine X as one of their ePatient Scholars. I’ll continue to post thoughts on Medicine X as the conference approaches and there will be plenty of ways to keep up with my impressions as everything is going down. For now I’m going to smile and be content with the honor of being among some fantastic patient advocates.

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And How Was Your Weekend?

I had grand plans of an epic post about my weekend. A lot went down, and it is certainly worth your time to read (IMO). However, I didn’t feel like typing about it. Between editing the podcast, spending all day Saturday on the road and watching lots of football on Sunday, I didn’t feel like I had the time to type and proofread a wall of text. Lucky for me (and hopefully you), my lovely Sony HandyCam is sitting right next to my monitor. Continue reading

Chicago Maroon, Burnt Orange.

I love twitter. Being an addict I have no shame in admitting that. For all the madness of the Internet, every now and then there emerges a little glimmer of hope that reminds us all that the World Wide Web isn’t as terrible as we always assume it is. Of course that feeling is momentary, but it’s a nice feeling to experience from time to time. Alas, this post is another shoutout to twitter and @HokieGuru. Continue reading