Give Me My Data

This week I join Hugo Campos on the quest for his own data. Hugo explains how a simple tweet turned into a speaking opportunity at Medicine X in 2012. I learn the troubling truth about data generated by his own heart. And we collectively predict the possibilities of Medicine X in 2013. Enjoy.

You can keep up with Hugo on Twitter at @HugoOC and

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Family Medicine Rocks

Dr. Mike Sevilla is my guest this week. We spend the next hour discussing his motivations to pursuing a medical degree, his journey to family medicine, and he shares experiences, within reason, as a doctor within his community. We also discuss the role of social media within his own practice, the potential for social media among all medical professionals, and the pressure faced when presenting the concept of social media to his peers. Enjoy.

You can keep up with Dr. Sevilla on Twitter at @DrMikeSevilla and

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Social Utopia

I recorded an episode of my podcast with Dr. Mike Sevilla tonight. You’ll hear it later this month, it’ll be well worth the wait. Among the many topics we covered was the dynamic of blogging from the perspective of the patient and the medical professional. I asked Dr. Sevilla if he had an ideal universe in which patients and doctors were engaging online in harmony – a utopia of sorts. I’ll save his response for the actual audio but I kept thinking about this hypothetical the rest of the evening. I think I’ve come to a point where I can articulate my two cents on the idea, which is why I’m here. And I suppose why you’re here, too.

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Patients to People

Nick Dawson, Chief Experience Officer for Frontier Health Consulting is my guest this week talking about the evolution of healthcare. We dig into Nick’s background and how a chance internship eventually defined his career path. Nick share’s his perspective on how technology has impacted and improved healthcare, the growth, adoption, and influence of social media on healthcare. And we talk about the rise of the fabled “ePatient” and what that means for future generations. Enjoy.

You can keep up with Nick on Twitter at @NickDawson and

Also, you can watch the Medicine X Google Hangout referenced at

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About Asthmapolis

Justine Marcus, Community Manager and Research Associate at Asthmapolis is on the podcast this week. We discuss Justine’s background and how her college experiences made Asthmapolis the perfect fit for what she is passionate about. We also discuss the origins and impact of Asthmapolis, from the patient, doctor, and provider perspective. And, Justine breaks down the proper pronunciation of Asthmapolis – consider it a public service announcement. Enjoy.

Justine manages the Asthmapolis Twitter account at @asthmapolis.

You can learn more about Asthmapolis at

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Politics Inaction

I am a fan of Google Reader. No, I was not paid to say that, it’s just a simple truth. I like keeping all of the blogs I read in an easy to navigate interface. Among the many feeds I have in my list is a general Google News search for “diabetes.” Big shocker right? On a rare occasion, this particular feed provides me with something worth reading. Yesterday was one such moment in time. Continue reading