Just Talking With Colleen Young

This week I’m joined by Colleen Young to discuss her keynote panel at Stanford Medicine X, her work as a health community manager, the origins of the weekly #hcsmca chats, and the care required to moderate a community about end-of-life, loss and grief. Enjoy.

Follow Colleen on Twitter at @colleen_young and her blog at colleenyoung.com.

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Just Talking with Dr. Mike Sevilla

Dr. Mike Sevilla returns to the podcast to discuss the growth of social media use among the physician community, how he helps his peers see the benefits of social media, and the prospects of an engaged physician community among health care conversations online. We also talk about the value of disconnecting from the Internet from time to time and Dr. Sevilla’s anticipation. Enjoy!

You can also follow Dr. Sevilla on Twitter @drmikesevilla, and drmikesevilla.com.

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This And That

Seems like a lot has happened over the past week that I didn’t really get a chance to comment on for one reason or another. Now’s as good a time as any to bundle all of those notes into one post, right? Right.

Get authentic patient voices in the room. To lead change in health care, organizations must get in the room the voices of real patients – people whose lives are touched by our products and services. “What It Really Takes to Listen to Patients” – Harvard Business Review

Then there’s this:

And this:

This came from yesterday’s “Design for Health” class at Stanford.

And to balance out the serious…


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Dayle got us tickets smack dab in the middle of the theater. She’s the best.

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You Should Listen To Susannah Fox Speak

This is last week’s Engage and Empower Me class, part of Stanford’s MedX Live. Susannah Fox is good people. When she speaks, you should listen.

Her notes can be found on her on blog – http://susannahfox.com/2014/02/07/put-down-the-clipboard-and-listen/ – if you’re curious.

It’s also worth noting that Susannah was on an episode of my podcast two years ago.

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Stories That Deserve to Be Heard

I’m finishing up my review of the applications submitted for ePatient Scholarships to this year’s Stanford Medicine X conference. There were over 100 applications submitted this year, but only 35 scholarships will be given out.

For the people that applied, but do not receive a scholarship, please do not take this as the end of your journey. We all have stories that deserve to be heard. Maybe Medicine X 2014 will not be the your moment, but that doesn’t mean your moment will not come. There are so many platforms and ways to share stories; Medicine X is just one of them.

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It’s The Bunk

Liza Bernstein, three-time breast cancer survivor and Medicine X ePatient Advisor is my guest this week. We discuss her bouts with breast cancer, why each diagnosis was an entirely unique experience, the value of online support groups, and the potential of offline support groups. We also discuss Liza’s experiences with Medicine X, while not-so-subtly encouraging potential ePatient scholars to apply for the 2014 conference. Enjoy.

You can follow Liza on Twitter at @itsthebunk and itsthebunk.blogspot.com.

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Healthy Boundaries

Dr. Ann Becker-Schutte is on the podcast this week to discuss her career as a Counseling Psychologist. We cover her education and volunteering experiences that helped guider her career path as well as early lessons learned from the early years of her private practice. We also discuss Medicine X and the importance of mental health with respect to patient advocacy. Enjoy.

You can follow Ann on Twitter at @drbeckerschutte and drannbeckerschutte.com.

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