My Latest Symplur Post is About #hcsm

While the 117,637 cumulative users, 1,366 participants with more than 100 tweets, and representation in 217 countries is fantastic #hcsm participation data, I think 20 is the most impressive number. At least 20 different tweet chat communities exist, in part, because someone participated in a #hcsm chat and wanted to do more for their community. Of course this says nothing of the non-profit organizations, outreach and advocacy programs, and other patient-generated initiatives that owe some form of thanks to the #hcsm community for planting or cultivating an idea into action. This shouldn’t discount or discredit the amazing accomplishments of the other patient communities and their respective tweet chats. But I think it’s clear that #hcsm is more than just a hashtag, it’s a social movement.

This month I wrote about “The Influence and Impact of #hcsm” for Symplur. If you like data, you should go read this.

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Just Talking with Dana Lewis

This week I catch up with Dana Lewis to talk about running half marathons in Seattle, her evolving role at Swedish Medical Center, and the continued growth and impact of her weekly #hcsm Twitter chats. Most importantly, Dana breaks down the Do It Yourself Pancreas System, why the concepts applied to this technology can apply to any person with diabetes, and why the FDA is extremely curious in this project. It is worth nothing throughout this conversation, that neither Dana nor I are medical professionals and we aren’t making any treatment recommendations for anyone, regardless of how cool all of this stuff is. Enjoy!

You can find Dana’s work at You can also follow Dana on Twitter @danamlewis. And, learn more about the Do It Yourself Pancreas System at

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It’s The Bunk

Liza Bernstein, three-time breast cancer survivor and Medicine X ePatient Advisor is my guest this week. We discuss her bouts with breast cancer, why each diagnosis was an entirely unique experience, the value of online support groups, and the potential of offline support groups. We also discuss Liza’s experiences with Medicine X, while not-so-subtly encouraging potential ePatient scholars to apply for the 2014 conference. Enjoy.

You can follow Liza on Twitter at @itsthebunk and

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Healthy Boundaries

Dr. Ann Becker-Schutte is on the podcast this week to discuss her career as a Counseling Psychologist. We cover her education and volunteering experiences that helped guider her career path as well as early lessons learned from the early years of her private practice. We also discuss Medicine X and the importance of mental health with respect to patient advocacy. Enjoy.

You can follow Ann on Twitter at @drbeckerschutte and

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Social Utopia

I recorded an episode of my podcast with Dr. Mike Sevilla tonight. You’ll hear it later this month, it’ll be well worth the wait. Among the many topics we covered was the dynamic of blogging from the perspective of the patient and the medical professional. I asked Dr. Sevilla if he had an ideal universe in which patients and doctors were engaging online in harmony – a utopia of sorts. I’ll save his response for the actual audio but I kept thinking about this hypothetical the rest of the evening. I think I’ve come to a point where I can articulate my two cents on the idea, which is why I’m here. And I suppose why you’re here, too.

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Roll Tide

I find the timing of this week’s guest on Just Talking a bit ironic given the political developments we’ve seen this weekend. It seems like everyone has healthcare reform on the brain. With that backdrop, Dana Lewis (@danamlewis) is my guest this week. She’s big into Diet Coke, Cupcakes, and using twitter to foster genuine conversation among a wide range of people. Come join the fun as I try to get her to break down this year’s BCS Championship game and expand upon the greatness that is “Hello Cupcake” and the origins of the #hcsm hashtag.

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