Other Things Happening in November

November is American Diabetes Month. This means the collective diabetes community (online and offline) will be making a little extra noise to spread awareness about what diabetes is, about what diabetes isn’t, about the differences between the different types, and about why you should care about Diabetes (with a capital ‘D’) regardless of type or affiliation. It’s a big deal. And I’ll do my best to highlight some of the endeavors that catch my eye.

But, there’s plenty of other things happening in November besides the ongoing effort to get my diabetes advocacy on.

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Halo Anniversary

I’m sure I’ve told this story before but it begs a retelling considering the importance of this day for the video game community. Ten years ago the Xbox launched. The black bohemoth showed up with it’s goofy looking controller and break-away controller cords with the name Microsoft on the box. Microsoft? Really? Little did I know how big of a deal this system was going to become in my life.

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Sodapop Journal

It turns out that I have a lot in common with my guest on Episode 71, Robert Cortez. We are both big fans of Halo, his involvement with Podtacular can testify to that. We are both big fans of podcasts, especially since we each have our own to manage. And we consume a high volume of entertainment news. Robert, however, also produces entertainment news with his group of friends at Sodapop Journal. Along with podcasting, and his website, we spend a good portion of this episode talking about the troubles print media is facing with the digital age. You’re in for a fantastic conversation. Enjoy.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @robertcortez.

Be sure to check out Sodapop Journal and follow their twitter account at @SodapopJournal.

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Noble Team

Halo is a big deal in my video game world. I should probably just end this post right here, but I guess I could go into a little more detail before I you carry on with the rest of your day. To give you an idea of the journey, I’m going to start at the end, then circle back around to the beginning then finish at the end again. Which brings me to the end: Halo is a really big deal.

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The Dark Lord Rises

I know I usually reserve Friday’s for my gaming post, but the magnitude of this game necessitates its own blog post. I hope you’ll stick through this one for me. If you’ve been paying attention to the episodes of Post Game Report that I post every week, then no doubt you have noticed a certain affection that I have for Modern Warfare 2. To give you some context, I played nothing but Halo 1 my freshman year of college. When Halo 2 came out, I was playing Halo 1 so much my neighbors knew they wouldn’t see me for a week after that game came out. “We’ll see you next week Chris, have fun.” I didn’t have to say anything, they knew what was up. Halo 3 came out while I was working on the road, but I convinced my Dad to go to the midnight launch to pick up my Halo Helmet for me, that’s how hardcore I am/was. (Thanks Dad).

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On Crowns and Emulation

Halo. There I said it. Whether you align yourself with the Sony Defense Force or swear allegiance to the X-Bots, you know that Halo is a big deal in the gaming industry. Millions upon millions of games have already been sold to consumers around the world. Master Chief is a video game icon. So rare is the game that can promote its central figure to mascot status, but Halo did it. It has gotten to the point that anything with Halo in the title is guaranteed to have a noteworthy return on investment. But as the Halo universe continues to expand in to other games, literature and other media there is a little piece of me that wonders if it is too much. Is Halo running the risk of over expansion to the point of devaluing its prominence in the industry? Continue reading