Third Eye Blind

This past weekend involved driving. Lots and lots of driving. My cousin recently graduated High School, he will be attending Michigan State University in the fall. That’s right Michigan. We drove to Michigan Saturday morning, and came back Sunday morning. It was rough. But we don’t get to see extended family often, usually Christmas and at least one other occasion. We usually meet up in Ohio since that’s where my Dad’s parents live and it’s about equidistant for everyone travel wise. What you are about to read are a series of running notes I took with my BlackBerry Curve. Continue reading

King William. Queen Mary.

Yesterday my sister graduated from The College of William and Mary. Technically, she graduated last December, a semester early (yes, she is that brilliant) so this ceremony was more of a formality. She wanted to experience Commencement with the people she had grown to know and love over the past 4 years. This date has been circled on my calendar for months. Being the oldest in my generation, I was the first eligible to graduate from college. Even though it took my 5 years, plus a lot of summer sessions, I did in fact walk across the stage in 2007. But my journey through Blacksburg is meant for another post, this one is devoted to my sister, Jeanette. Continue reading