(It’s Not) Spring Cleaning

I know it’s still winter, even if the DC area has received a collective total of 2 inches of snow since December 1, but i figure it’s safe to do a little spring cleaning – online at least. Mostly this means clearing out the clutter of my Google Reader. I’ve been absolutely horrible about keeping up with sites and feeds that I find genuinely intresting and I think that has made me less interesting as a result.

If I don’t have anything meaningful to share from my perspective, I figure I could at least be better about sharing meaningful moments from someone else’s perspective.

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What Google is Reading

Admittedly, this is a filler post. Blame Halo: Reach. Blame my shiny new iPod Touch. Blame Canada. Sorry, it happens. I understand if you close your browser tab, or window or whatever and carry on with the rest of your day. For those of you willing to keep reading and scrolling, I had a grand idea for a post: What I’m Reading. But that title would be misleading since Google is doing most of the reading and I am choosing which blog posts or news articles I want to read based on my ability to skim through hundreds of unread posts. So I went back through the archives of posts that I’ve ‘starred’ and would like to share a few of them with you.

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Reading Google Reader’s Readings

I love me some Google Reader. I wish they paid me to say that, I could use some extra cash flow for the fall season of video games. Ugh, my bank account hates me. Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before one of my feeds is a blanket Google News search for “diabetes.” Most of the stuff that comes up is a repeat story from earlier in the day. Most of the stories deal with findings surrounding Type 2 Diabetes. Such is life. Occasionally a headline pops up that grabs my attention, that merits an actual click-through. Because I am equal parts tired and lacking creative motivation to write a genuine post, here are a few of those stories with an explanation and commentary. Enjoy. Continue reading

Rollin on a River

In a growing effort to give back to the people who have given so much, some of you unknowingly. I’m adding a blogroll page to promote that which is RSS Reader Worthy. This is merely the beginning of a complete list of the blogs that quench my own Google Reader’s thirst. If I’ve left you out of the list and you would like to join the fun a) I apologize for leaving you out and 2) let me know if you want in by sending me an email. I’ll be adding links as time goes on so stay tuned. Continue reading