Just Talking with Karen Chu

This week I welcome Karen Chu, host of Good Job, Brain!, back to the podcast. We talk about the growth Good Job, Brain!, the excitement of meeting fans face to face, how she and her co-hosts have put a creative spin on sponsorship. We also discuss Karen’s cosplaying rules for Disney Marathons, because running 13.3 miles isn’t enough of a challenge. Finally, we spend a few minutes talking about her work at Twitch and fun moments like “Twitch Plays Pokemon”. Enjoy!

You can follow Karen on Twitter at @momopeche, listen to her podcast Good Job, Brain! at goodjobbrain.com, and learn more about Twitch at twitch.tv.

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Good Job, Brain!

Karen Chu joins me this week to talk about her unique journey to and through the video game industry – who would’ve thought architecture was a possible path? We also talk about her many podcasting adventures including “The Legendary Thread” and World of Warcraft’s impact on her life, “The Geekbox” and the joy of arguement, and her new podcast “Good Job, Brain!”. Specifically on her new podcast, we discuss the humble origins of the podcast and the extensive research and care involved in getting the podcast funded on Kickstarter.

Follow Karen on Twiter @momopeche and be sure to check her out on “The Geekbox” at geekbox.net and her very own “Good Job, Brain!” at goodjobbrain.com.

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