Just Talking With Patrick Klepek

Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek is back on the podcast this week talking about the adjustments he’s made now that he’s working from Chicago, his expanding role in producing video content for the site, the growth of the “Bombin’ the AM” and “Interview Dumptruck” podcasts, and we have a brief chat about the state of the current generation of consoles. Enjoy!

Follow Patrick on Twitter @patrickklepek and at giantbomb.com.

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About Flight Club

This week I’m joined by Drew Scanlon, Giant Bomb’s Senior Video Producer. Drew shares stories from his time as a video game tester for Electronic Arts and some of the projects he contributed to at Backbone Entertainment. I try to wrap my head around the fact that Drew’s career with Whiskey Media started with a Craigslist post. Drew describes the magic of a Giant Bomb live show. And I learn about the origins of Giant Bomb’s Flight Club. Enjoy.

Follow Drew on Twitter at @DrewScanlon and various Flight Club hijinks on giantbomb.com.

And as mentioned, be sure to check out the Giant Bomb Extra Life team page for ways to contribute and participate in the 24-hour gaming marathon.

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Behind the Screened Door

Matthew Rorie comes on the podcast this week to talk about life at Virginia Tech during the peak of the Michael Vick era, proper puppy petting techniques, and his various writing jobs over the years. We also discuss the art of writing a video game guide, his work at Obsidian Entertainment, and the experience of building Screened.com from the ground up. Finally we discuss his role at Giant Bomb, and our expectations for PAX Prime (as this was recorded before we traveled to Seattle). Enjoy.

You can follow Matthew on Twitter at @frailgesture, matthewrorie.tumblr.com, and of course Giantbomb.com.

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Cascading Style Sheets

Alexis Gallisá, Art Director for GiantBomb.com is on the podcast this week. Among the topics covered are his work on Giant Bomb and the effort required to redesign its website, his early motivations for getting interested in web design, and the invaluable feedback of the Giant Bomb community. We also talk about his life with diabetes, explore the phrase “your diabetes may vary”, and Alexis opens up about the unique advocacy opportunities that present itself when you decide to eat 60 chicken nuggets in front of a 20,000 person livestream. Enjoy.

Follow Alexis on Twitter at @alexisg.

And if you’re not familiar with giantbomb.com, you should fix that. Now.

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Breaking News

Episode 83 of Just Talking arrives with Breaking News. This week’s guest is Giantbomb News Editor Patrick Klepek. Patrick has had quite the journey through the video game industry, from 1up to MTV, EGM to Whiskey Media. For those of you that follow the video game industry with any passion, you might remember Patrick’s reporting on Infinity Ward, the layoffs, and the aftermath. We discuss the origins of that story and what drives him to be a genuine reporter.

There’s also talk about Lost (spoiler free), afros, and something called Evil Bong 3-D: Wrath of Bong. It’ll make sense once you start listening. Enjoy.

If you want to keep up with Patrick’s adventures, be sure to follow:

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