Proud Mary

I tell the story in this episode of Just Talking, but it’s worth repeating. My first time on a podcast of any form was as episode of Gamer Husbands Radio. I thought I was just testing out my mic, apparently they were recording the entire time. Next thing I know I’m introduced on Post Game Report and the rest, they say, is history. It was only a matter of time before I brought on the “Majority Shareholder” of Gamer Husbands, Alfred on to talk. By a small series of unfortunate events my initial guest had to cancel his appearance. Thankfully Alfred stepped up and strapped in for a quality recording. I say it every week, but you all are in for a treat.

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I Can Haz Podcast?

Last month I was happy to announce the next step in whatever it is that I’m doing here with my Editorial Position at Talking About Games. My weekly gaming posts have been a part of the featured content among the other news articles, games reviews and other gamey tidbits of joy. Last Monday I received an offer to take things to the next next-level. Continue reading