Things They Don’t Tell You At Diagnosis

Your wardrobe will forever be impacted an influenced by your diabetes management. This particularly comes in to play for me when I’m trying on new shirts, and I have to consider Dexcom sensor exposure.

Is that a Dexcom sensor on your arm or are you just…oh, yes, that is a Dexcom sensor on your arm

I’m not ashamed of or trying to hide my diabetes, but I need to be aware of what is visible and what might get caught in the crossfire by my carelessness.

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Tales From Odin’s Beard: Support Despite Negligence

I do my best to test my blood glucose as regularly as possible – I’m told it’s the cornerstone of proper diabetes care. But, I’m human. And at times absent minded. If I’m lucky enough to enjoy a few consecutive hours of “control”, my absent mindedness often takes a stronger hold of me. Part of it is wanting to “ignore” diabetes for a bit. Live a “normal” life or something like that. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that part of me doesn’t want to disrupt the trend in case my Dexcom line is off.

With that mentality, I’m not sure how to take this.

Savoring these moments of synergy

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Tales From Odin’s Beard: Time Out

This is new…

This happened over the weekend somewhere in the middle of Day 27. Showing continued signs of deterioration, this sensor was clearly not going to surivive the weekend. But I held on, like a candle that shines brightest just before it goes out, I clung to the fantasy that I could squeeze another 24-hours out of this thing and start the new week fresh with a brand new sensor.

But then this test happened.

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Tales From Odin’s Beard: Psychology of a CGM User

Let’s just ignore the part where the CGM thought I was at 108 and I was really at 170.

I’m finding that as my obsession with this line increases, the further I distance the line with the benefits of good blood glucose control. I suppose when I get my A1c every three months, I’ll come back to reality for a few minutes. But it’s more about getting the perfect picture so I can share it on every silly social network I frequent with pride while simultaneously shouting “Take That Diabetes!”

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