Just Talking About UltraChenTV Again

This week I’m joined by the other half of UltraChenTV, David Graham. Naturally we talk about David’s entry into the fighting game community, how he started commentating, and what goes in to preparing content for each episode of UltraChenTV. We also cover David’s day job as an attorney at DGP Law, why he went to law school, and how his work as an attorney complements his work as a commentator. David also shares some predictions for the fighting game community as the video game industry prepares for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Enjoy.

You can follow David on Twitter at @ultradavid, http://twitch.tv/ultrachentv and dpgatlaw.com.

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About UltraChenTV

James Chen, co-host of UltraChenTV is my guest this week. THe majority of our conversation revolves around the Fighting Game Community. From his early years playing Street Fighter 2 to playing in, and doing quite well in tournaments, James has seen it all. We discuss the art of commentary including James’ initial motivations for getting behind the microphone. We also cover the challenges, potential, and opportunities in growing the Fighting Game Community. Finally James gives a small preview for EVO 2013 and opens up about his love of Cammy. Enjoy.

You can keep up with James on Twitter at @jchensor and twitch.tv/ultrachentv.

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Team Spooky

Victor Fontanez, President of broadcasting and consulting firm Team Sp00ky is on the podcast this week to introduce me to the Fighting Game Community. We discuss his early endeavors in the world of streaming video games, the gradual expansion of his operations to forming Team Sp00ky, is involvement in the past two Evolution Tournaments and the logistics involved in operating a successful stream. We also discuss the dedication required to play these types of games at a high level and the role of the community in providing constructive criticism and feedback in a new game launch. Finally, we touch on the growing pains of the Fighting Game Community in the coming years. Enjoy.

You can keep up with Victor and the rest of Team Sp00ky on Twitter at

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