He Speaks So Well

I’m working on a few posts that involve a few more rainbows and butterflies. In the mean time you get another streaming consciousness post I typed up last week after seeing a bunch of somewhat prominent athletes I follow on twitter use nothing close to proper grammar. It was a rough Friday and I was feeling particularly grumpy at the time of typing. I promise some good stuff in the next couple days. Continue reading

Media Junkie

I’ve made no attempts to hide my geekness or nerditude or whatever you want to call it. I play a crap-ton of video games. My parents still get me an action figure every year for my birthday. I own way too many movies for my own good. Seriously, I have ‘Transformers’ in 3 different versions: DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Sad, I know. Along with my general obsessions is my need to consume as much media as possible, particularly in the form of podcasts. Continue reading

SugarFree Spotlight: Sujoy P.

Sujoy and I go way back. Like Dranesville Dragons back. It should come as no surprise that we have very similar tastes. Although I’d like to think I’m a more cultured gamer (if there is such a thing), but he is finally branching outside of the Sony Defense Force. Congratulate @docfunk on his newfound love of the Nintendo DS and remind him that I am still his most formidable foe in Tecmo Super Bowl. It’ll only take another 3 years before I get him to try out a first person shooter. It is my personal belief that Sujoy should be, and more importantly WILL BE writing for ESPN’s Page 2 before our time is done. Check out his blog as evidence. Below are his thoughts on diabetes and me. And if you love bonus features, I’ll be posting his first draft in a couple days. It wasn’t the style I was looking for (again I direct you to his blog for a hint), but it’s well worth the read. Continue reading