That Went Well

I met with my CDE and Endocrinologist this morning. Going in to the appointment, I had a number of things I wanted to discuss. I even wrote them down in my notebook so I would remember everything. Throughout the nearly 75 minutes I spent with them I heard phrases like “we“, and “what else would you like to talk about?” and “what do you think about this approach?”. I didn’t hear orders. I was heard. I was respected. It felt great.

I know my previous endocrinologist set a particularly low bar for patient engagement and instilling any kind of confidence in treating my diabetes – and me – seriously, but this office is so refreshing.

Somewhat related: my A1c came back at a number that was much more encouraging than I previously anticipated. And as most of that reporting window includes my first months on an insulin pump, I’d say I’m off to a great start.

A Warm Welcome to Modern Diabetes Care

I met my new endocrinologist and CDE today. The short version goes something like this: I love everything about them. And I’m getting a t:slim. And I feel great about everything.

Tell ’em Stanley.


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You Have One Missed Call

Hi Mr. Snider, this is So and So from Dr. So and So’s office. We currently have you scheduled for an appointment on November 10, but your file noted (as a new patient with this practice) that if there was a cancellation you would like to take that earlier appointment. We just had a cancellation for August 29th. If you’d like us to move you up, please give us a call back at 555-0001. Thank you.

Yes, please.

Also, I get to meet with both my new endo and their diabetes educator. That will be an exciting first for me.

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Gone ‘Til November

The good news is I’ve scheduled an appointment with a local endocrinologist. The not so good news is that it’s in November – that’s the soonest I could get in as a new patient. The somewhat comforting news is that my existing prescriptions, and refills will last me until then. But the bummer is that I’m officially locked into my current diabetes treatment until I meet my new doctor.

What bums me out the most is that I have to wait until November to find out if this endocrinologist will be a good fit for me. Do they take the time to listen instead of waiting for her turn to talk? What are their thoughts on the value of social media and peer-to-peer support structures? Do I mention my blog as soon as possible? Should I go in with a list of questions? (Yes) What should be on that list?

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Long Overdue

I’ve been living here for over four months – I suppose this is long overdue.

Starting down the path isn’t the question, I certainly need to start seeing a local endocrinologist. What I’m not sure about is how to start the conversation about switching to an insulin pump. I’m not 100% behind the effort yet, but I have accepted that this change is an inevitability.

I still need to noodle some things out, so until I can better articulate my thoughts on this, you’ll have to settle for more cat pictures.

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How I View Things

I got my bloodwork done for my upcoming endocrinologist appointment in record time. Now the waiting game beings leading up to my next chat with my endocrinologist. I’m guessing my A1c will be higher than my last few appointments, which I would feel comfortable attributing to stress over the past month. I’m also anticipating no insight or genuine conversation with my endo, which I attribute to him not being the most conversational of doctors.

I know “if it ain’t broke” isn’t the best approach when it comes to managing my diabetes, but I don’t want to deal with the hassle of looking for a new endocrinologist out here. I won’t seek this specific change until it’s clear a change is needed. Given my track record of management over the past couple of years, I feel comfortable keeping this all on me. After all, I’m the guy bolusing. I’m the guy counting the carbs. I’m the guy trying to get back on the exercise horse, again.

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