How Many ‘Disappointed’ Gifs Can I Put Into One Blog Post?

Today marked another important step on my path to pumping insulin: my “Pump Start” class. After the missed calls, returned calls, triple-verifying that this was the next step in the process, the quadruple-checking that I still have the right order of operations to get me to the point of everyone in my medical team recognizing that I’m ready to put insulin in one of these t:slim cartridges – according to their standards. Today was the day. And then…

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Here’s how the first 20 seconds of my appointment went down:

Them: “So we’re going to review your diabetes management today. How many times you’re checking your blood sugar, things like that.”

Me: “My referral says Pump Start, I thought that’s why I was here today.”

Them: “No, this is just an evaluation.”

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Between the disappointment, anger, confusion, and frustration, I’m not sure which emotion the CDE I was meeting with could interpret first, but they were all there.

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Ending on Zero

Tonight I finished the last of my Humalog insulin pen with dinner. I needed 4 units to cover our beef with broccoli, mostly for the rice, and there were exactly 4 units remaining in my insulin pen. Perfect.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I take the next step on my journey to transitioning to an insulin pump. Granted, the pump will be filled with saline, and I’ll still require insulin injections during this period – which reminds me, I should probably break out a new pen for the morning. Hold that thought.

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