On Championing and Concern

Finding a new topic to write about each week is not as simple as you would think. I don’t have the knowledge or experience to offer any meaningful insight about the dedicated server debacle going down over Modern Warfare 2. I don’t have any additional commentary beyond what has already been summarized by 2D Boy and their World of Goo “pay what you want” experiment. I don’t know enough about Famitistu to pretend to hype the fact that Bayonetta is the first Xbox 360 game to get a 40/40 review. As you can see, there certainly was no drought of topics worth my grammatical mishaps and typos but without the basic knowledge of the subject matter it’s hard to become motivated. But fear not, my eager-reader, for I do have a few tidbits to supplement a recent interview conducted by Skewed & Reviewed with ECA President Hal Halpin.
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