Just Talking With Parris Lilly (About Transformers)

This week Parris Lilly and I catch up on Parris’ adventures at E3 along with Gamertag Radio’s noteworthy interview of Phil Spencer. Additionally, we talk at length about the Transformers. From the original cartoon, to the animated movie (1986), to all of Michael Bay’s efforts – there’s a lot to get to. Enjoy!

You can also follow Parris on Twitter @vicious696, at gamertagradio.com, and filmtangent.com.

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About Respawn Entertainment

I’m joined this week by Abbie Heppe, Community Manager for Respawn Entertainment. We discuss unusual ways to find job postings and receive job offers (in her case, in the gaming industry). I learn about the pressure of covering E3 from the media perspective as Abbie shares some of her experiences working at G4. I also learn about the pressure of revealing your previously unannounced game to a worldwide audience and what it’s like building a community around a game isn’t public knowledge. Enjoy.

Follow Abbie on Twitter at @abbieheppe, and keep up with the latest from Respawn and learn more about Titanfall at Respawn.com and @Respawn.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013

E3 is this week. It’s Christmas for gamers, in part because we get a look at what we can expect for (real) Christmas. There will be a lot of posturing and debate online about who “won” and who “lost”, but that doesn’t matter to me. New games? New consoles? I’m pretty sure everybody wins.

Every outlet under the sun will have coverage out the wazoo (which can be painful if left unchecked). If you want to see what all of this is about, start with Rev3 Games. Adam Sessler is legit.

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On Waggle and Prognostication

Naturally, the only thing on the collective hive mind of gamers this week is E3. The Electronics Entertainment Expo is the prized jewel of the gaming industry. Publishers lay out the groundwork for the next fiscal year, developers show off what their blood, sweat and tears have produced. And twitter crashes from the surprise announcements revealed at the major press conferences. Fanboys and blind zealots will claim that their Company (console) of choice “won” the press war and bank accounts around the world cringe at the number of quality games planned for release in the next fiscal year. Continue reading