The Choice of a New Generation


I swear I’m working to drink less soda but I’m not building Rome overnight. There’s obviously something besides caffeine in this stuff that keeps me coming back but as long as I know I need to be better about all this I’m still in control right?

Who am I kidding? I’m an addict.

For now, I’m okay with that.

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Dihydrogen Monoxide

Those of you keeping score at home know I’m a big fan of Diet Coke. I suppose we could share an honesty moment and simply call it a caffeine addiction, but let’s not get distracted. At times my fondness for Diet Coke has resulted in the echoing of a can of soda opening throughout the halls of work at 9:45 AM. It’s bad. Admittedly, I’m starting to feel a little guilty about having so much soda with my slightly revitalized exercise routine. Side Note: I seriously think my diabetes is broken. This working out stuff is doing wonders for my control right now. I hope it sticks.

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I Spy


Pictures are worth a thousand words. If carefully crafted, they can tell quite a story about the person who took said pictures. I spy: too much Diet Coke for a 2-hour period, a peanut jar, a power strip to keep my Dexcom and Droid charged without crawling under my desk, previously mentioned Dexcom, an iPod Touch (4G) and one of 3 pair of ear buds I keep near me at all times.

Oh, and my silly Lantus pen.

How much stuff can you logically fit into a single photo?

Have a nice weekend.

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No, I didn’t drink all of these in one day. But I’m sure I have it in me to drink this much Diet Coke…assuming I didn’t want to sleep for 3 days.

I’m trying to slow down on the soda and drink more water, but this isn’t something you canb cold turkey yourself off of. Well, at least



Enjoy the weekend.

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