Test, Don’t Guess

In case you think your diet soda is anything but, test, don’t guess.

Step 1: Test blood glucose.

Step 2: Dip finger in questionable soda, repeat Step 1.

Step 3: If appropriate, declare shenanigans.

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You Must Be New Here

I get a lot of random email pitches to cover this or letting me know I may be interested in that. I’m not sure how I got on some of these mailing lists but I suppose that’s a sign of “making it”. Whatever “it” actually is.

Most of the time the first two sentences are enough to tell me if this email is worth my time. Things like ‘Hello Blog Author’ are not the way to my heart. A lot of these emails are loosely related to diabetes – which makes sense. But then I get things like this.
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Portion Problems


I have reached the point of too much Diet Coke, but when you can get any one of these items for essentially the same price depending on where you are shopping, we have a problem. This is why I prefer soda in a can; it’s easier to stop when the can is empty. If I have one of these “regular” cups from Popeyes or any other convenient dining establishment, I’m definitely finishing my drink and almost always getting a refill.

Sure, the buck stops here…or there…or somewhere, but my portion problem begins at the size of the portion. I’m sure there’s a way to apply this issue to food too, if that’s how you roll.

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