Catching Up on MasterLab

This weekend, thousands of people with diabetes (and their families) are invading Orlando, Florida for Children With Diabetes’ Friends For Life Conference. Before the #cwdffl14 hashtag assumes control of your Twitter feed, the Diabetes Hands Foundation put on a MasterLab for diabetes advocates. From what I gathered on Twitter, the sessions were quite effective and well received. Hopefully this can be the beginning of a larger diabetes advocacy effort, with MasterLabs accompanying other noteworthy diabetes conferences like AADE and Scientific Sessions. One can hope, right?

For those of us who were unable to attend, presentation slides and a video archive of the day will be available here. If you’ve ever wanted to step up your patient advocacy game but didn’t know which step to take first, this is a great starting point.

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Unexpected Blues

I’m joined this week by fellow diabetes advocate, Heather Gabel. We discuss Heather’s takeaways from Medtronic’s Diabetes Advocates Forum, her diabetes diagnosis and discovery of the diabetes community, as well as the evolution of her writing style on her diabetes blog. We also cover her work at the Diabetes Hands Foundation and something called Pug Life. Enjoy!

Follow Heather on Twitter @HeatherGabel, her work at, and her writing at

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