Pick a Number (Diabetes Art Day 2014)

I had a much more intricate design worked up, then Photoshop crashed on me before I managed to save anything. Serves me right.

Anyway. There have been far too many times when it feels like my blood glucose levels are determined by a random number generator or a terribly uncoordinated person playing darts rather than my ability to manage insulin dosages or carbohydrate counts. I could just as easily pulled the past 90 days of data from my iBGStar meter and submitted the scatter(ed) graph of finger sticks.

Imagine more care, and more numbers littered throughout this...

Imagine more care, and more numbers littered throughout this…

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Preparing for Diabetes Art Day

Diabetes Art Day is February 3rd. I’m not sure what I’m going to do to contribute to the fun, but I know that spreading the word needs to be part of my participation. So here I am; and here we are.

If you’ve never heard of Diabetes Art Day, I encourage you to go to http://www.diabetesartday.com/ and look at past galleries of submissions from all walks of life impacted by diabetes and their artistic representation of what this incurable, evil disease is like.

It’s an excellent project, hosted by a wonderful woman and great friend, Lee Ann Thill. Go check it out.

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Diabetes Art Day 2012

Today is Diabetes Art Day. Today is a day when all of our frustrations, worries, and random sparks of creativity combine powers and we, the diabetes community, try to crash Lee Ann Thill’s website, diabetesartday.com, with submissions of our creative expression after it’s passed through a diabetes filter.

As we, the diabetes online community have shown, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes and it renders in unique and memorable ways for anyone and everyone. (Wow, that’s a lot of “ands”). Today is an example of what we’re capable of when we stand behind a singular cause or movement. It’s awfully exciting.

Diabetes Art Day 2012

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